Sermons For Kids

One of the toughest challenges for children’s pastors and youth pastors is trying to come up with sermons for kids.  Children and teenagers have a short attention span, as their minds are more concerned about television, music, and having fun.  We have to learn how to engage their minds in our sermons right away!  Make the teenagers turn off their cell phones and threaten to take them if they go off.  Make sure that the kids are not talking and that they respect you as the speaker.

What message do you want to communicate to the kids?  How do you persuade the youth to get serious about Christ?  How do you get them to focus on you for 20 minutes?  These are tough questions!  I recommend adding a lot of variety to your sermons.  Some of your sermons should start with a funny video.  Other sermons for kids could start with a serious video.  Maybe you could start your sermon with a game.  Start your sermon by grabbing the attention of your youth.

There are several great sermons for kids you could preach today.

Sermons on Love

Children and adults want to be loved.  Today’s society has distorted the meaning of love.  If you consider how much time today’s teenagers spend watching TV and surfing the internet, it is easy to understand why teenagers are confused about love.  We have to constantly remind our youth about the real meaning of love.    Sermons on love will teach youth and adults about true love.  Most youth think that love is just a feeling and get love and infatuation mixed up.   There are many great sermons on love that you can find online.

Sermons about Jesus

Everyone loves listening to stories.  Tell a story about Jesus to start your sermon.  Try to be creative.  When you are preaching sermons for kids, you could have a few youth perform a short skit about a real story that occurred in the Scriptures.  If you are preaching to a group of youth that includes many unsaved youth, then any sermons about Jesus should work great if you work in a few stories into your sermon.

Sermons on Faith

It is never too early to teach sermons on faith.  Some of your sermons for kids should focus on faith issues.  Youth often have greater faith than adults because they have not experienced many of life’s hardships.  Teach your kids how to have faith in the small things in life.  Kids can pray for faith that they will pass tough tests at school.   Teenagers can build their faith by praying for money for mission trips.  There are many examples of great sermons on faith.

Sermons on Prayer

Prayer is one of the cornerstones of your faith.   When you are preaching sermons for kids, you should focus on preaching several sermons on prayer.  If you can instill a prayer life in the teenagers in your youth group, they are less likely to fall away when they become adults.

There are many sermons for kids you can preach to your youth.  Many of the same sermons you preach to adults should be preached to children too.  Since most youth have a shorter attention span than adults, you have to find creative ways to reach the youth for Christ with sermons for kids.

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