Sermons For Youth

Sermons for youth can change the hearts of youth for the 21st century.  Today’s youth have many negative influences pressing against them every day.  TV shows portray alcohol, foul language, violence, and sexual perversion as a normal part of life.  Youth face heavy peer pressure at school to experiment with drugs and other harmful substances.  Cell phones, social networking, and video games are great, but many of our teenagers are consumed with technology today.   Despite all of the challenges we face today, it is still possible to get the attention of the teenagers in your youth group.

Here are some ways you can reach the teenagers in your church with your sermons for youth:

Utilize humor in your sermons

There is nothing wrong with including humor in your sermons.  Today’s youth want to be entertained, and this is a great way to start your sermon.  If you have a large youth group, have some of the youth put together a short skit to begin the sermon.  See if someone in the youth group loves making videos.  Put together a short funny video to begin the sermon.  It doesn’t have to be something that is long and drawn out.  Let the youth use their creativity to come up with something funny.  This builds relationships within the youth group, and it keeps the youth engaged.

You can also start sermons for youth groups by telling a funny story.  This is a great way to take a funny story and tie it to the message for the day.  This works with adults too.  People don’t always remember facts and figures, but they remember stories.  Everyone loves a great story.  Don’t be afraid to tell a story to begin your sermon.

Embrace technology in your sermons for youth groups.  Do not avoid it!

Don’t be afraid to show video clips in your sermons.  As technology has improved, it is getting less and less expensive to own video equipment.  It does not cost tens of thousands of dollars to install a video projector in the youth room.  If the youth have a Bible on their phone, they should be allowed to use it during the sermon.  Create a Facebook page for the youth group, and make sure that all the youth on Facebook are connected to the page.  Send out a regular email to the youth with all of the events going on during the week.

Hold contests and fun games during the youth service to get the youth to come.

Not all parents force their teenagers to go to the youth meetings.  If you send weekly emails to the youth group, use these emails to promote fun games or contests you will have at the youth service.  The first goal in youth ministry is to get the youth to the youth services!

Give regular altar calls in your sermons for youth groups.

Youth need to be challenged at the end of the youth service.  80% of people make a decision for Christ before their 18th birthday.  You should give a call to salvation at the end of many of your sermons.  Don’t just stop at the salvation call.  Some of the youth in your youth group are being called into full-time ministry.  When you are preaching your sermons for youth groups, challenge them to answer God’s call to go into full-time ministry.

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