Thanksgiving Sermons – Ideas for Sermons During the Season

Thanksgiving is a time when people across the United States give thanks for everything we have.  Thanksgiving sermons are a great way to keep people focused on what is important at this time of year.  Thanksgiving means different things to different people.  The average person thinks about spending time with family or getting a day off from work.  Other people look forward to watching the annual NFL games on television.   Many shoppers look forward to Thanksgiving because they get to go to Black Friday holiday sales the next day.

Thanksgiving sermons are the best time to preach sermons about giving thanks.  Here are some ideas for sermons during the Thanksgiving season.

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

Times are tough for many people.  It is easy to find things to complain about!  Some people can’t stop complaining about the economy.  Other people have a job, but they hate going to work every day.  Some people complain about being single.  Many people even complain about the weather!  The pastor can help people be gracious for everything that they have.  Thanksgiving sermons help us develop an attitude of gratitude.

God commands his people to be thankful for everything that they have.  It is not an option for us to complain about everything.  We are living in sin if we complain about everything that is going on in our lives.  We are always going to be the master, or we are going to be the victim.  It is all about how we look at things.  Do we want to be thankful for what we have, or are we going to complain about everything?

The First Thanksgiving

How many people really know how Thanksgiving began?  I would venture to guess that even most Christians can’t tell you the real story of the first Thanksgiving celebration.  The modern day version of Thanksgiving was held in 1621 at the Plymouth Plantation.  The pilgrims had a harvest feast after the growing season to give praise to God for his blessings.  The pilgrims had plenty of things to complain about.  Half of the people had died during the harsh winter of starvation or disease.  Despite all of this death and disease, the pilgrims were still thankful and grateful for everything they had.  During the early days, the Thanksgiving holiday was celebrated at different times in the different colonies.  The annual day of Thanksgiving did not get an official date until the Civil War.

Sermon on the Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

Many people misunderstand the whole idea behind giving thanks for everything we have.  In Psalm 50, God teaches the believers of the day how to give thanks.  In Psalm 50:14, he commands us: “Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving.”  Christians need to understand what it means to sacrifice.  Sacrifices cost us our time, money, and it requires us to die to ourselves.

Thanksgiving sermons are a great time to reflect on all of the blessings God has given us today.  No matter what struggles we are going through today, there are many new things that God wants to teach us through Thanksgiving sermons.

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