Christmas Media – Church Videos You Can Show During the Advent Season

Christmas media at churches is a great way to communicate the true meaning of Christmas during the advent season.  Some parents and adults get stressed out during Christmas because the holiday season is so busy.  While many people get excited about the holidays, there are others who are depressed and unhappy about life.  Pastors know that church attendance increases during the holidays, so it is really important to reach out to the lost people in the congregation during this time.

Christmas media is awesome because it can reach out to unbelievers who may have preconceived ideas about church.  A powerful video might impact an unbeliever more than any sermon.  People may not remember words, but they often remember stories.  Here are some great media resources that are great for church this year.

It is Christmas Remix

This video is designed to be shown as an intro to a sermon.  It starts with holiday music and words that talk about how Christmas is many things to many people.  For some people, it is all about Santa, reindeer, and Santa’s elves.  For other people it is all about gift giving and spending time with your weird family members!  Some people say that this time of year is more about us than it is about God.  The short mini movie talks about Christmas being a time of reflection and a time to praise God for his blessings.  It is a time to care for people who don’t have a voice.  It is also a time to care for widows and orphans.  Jesus is Christmas, and this mini-movie does an excellent job of communicating this.

The Christmas Story (Luke 2)

During a Christmas celebration service or Christmas Eve service, you want to make sure you share the Christmas story.  It is a good idea to share the Christmas story multiple times during the advent season.  This video shares the complete story of Christmas as told in Luke 2 in two minutes.  Christmas media should always include the Christmas story.

Christmas In A Nutshell

This is a very popular mini-movie that has been viewed in many churches across America.  It starts by talking about how we have all given good gifts and bad gifts, and we have all received good and bad gifts too.  God gave us his Son as the greatest Christmas gift the world has ever seen.  He does not care about our material gifts.  He doesn’t want to give us more stuff.  He wants to give us his presence.  He wants to show up in our neighborhoods, schools, and churches.  The miracle of Christmas is that Jesus showed up as a baby to help save us from our sins.

Christmas Is Jesus

This video also discusses how most everything we do during Christmas really isn’t about the holiday at all.  December 25 is all about Jesus.  This is why we celebrate the season.  This video uses animation throughout the video to bring images to the narrative being discussed within the mini-movie.

Christmas media at churches is a great way to communicate the true meaning of the reason for the season!

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